Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below, please feel free to email us on info@voguebyignite.co.uk with any questions you may still have

Getting a bathroom transformed is a big task, and brings many questions. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions, but if we haven’t answered your question below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on any of our contact methods and we will answer to the best we can.

Are your installers qualified and insured?

Yes our installers are fully qualified and insured and their work is backed by our quality standard guarantee. This means that we can ensure a quick response time for your project fully backed by our own satisfaction standards.

Will you look after my house whilst you work?

The installer will protect all of your carpets and hardwood floors with high quality plastic surface protectors. For an en-suite install, your bed and any bedroom furniture will be protected with heavy duty, clean dust sheets. Installation always creates a certain amount of dust, but we always try to keep this to a minimum and always respect your belongings as much as possible.

Do you dispose of waste and rubbish?

Your installer will clear up and tidy any mess created on a regular basis. To avoid inconveniencing your neighbours, a skip will only be used if found to be absolutely necessary.

How much of a deposit do I need to leave to book you?

Nothing. We will never ask or discuss any kind of deposit off any client prior or during the works.

No deposit? What’s the catch?

Absolutely no catch. You’re trusting us to undertake major works in your household, so we trust you. To help keep our promise that we will finish a job to the highest possible standard, we do not take a single penny off any client before or during the job. To us, this is the ultimate peace of mind for both clients and ourselves that the job will always finish in the best way possible.

When do I pay you?

We will discuss terms prior to commencement of any works, but generally we prefer our clients to have a few days with the bathroom to fully test it and ensure it meets both their standards. Once a client is fully satisfied, we will then discuss payment of any agreed amounts.

Can I contact the company in an emergency?

You will be given the appropriate contact information prior to any work being carried out, this must always be your first contact in any situation regarding the work we carry out.

Will there be much noise and disruption when I am at home?

The installer will try to keep any noise to a minimum, and will always ask permission to use radios while working. Should you need them to stop using noisy equipment for a short period, they will be happy to comply. 

Will my utilities or boiler be turned off?

If there is a need to turn off any of your supplies – electricity, gas or water – your installer will give you plenty of notice enabling you to make arrangements until the services are resumed. When work commences on your heating system, the boiler will always be tuned off. As far as is possible the installer will ensure that all services are resumed by the end of the working day.

What happens if there is a leak after fitting?

If there any problems at all with the installation, notify us immediately on the contact number given and we will fix the problem. We will always provide our mobile contact numbers so if any issues arise outside of normal working hours we can advise or attend. We should always be the first contact in any issues prior to installation.

What if I want to change something?

We will install as per your agreed written guidelines, but should you prefer to change something please either inform the office or speak to the installer.

Is the glass safe for us in the shower?

Most shower screens, panels and cubicles are constructed from toughened safety glass which is thicker than standard glass, for both increased stability and user safety. If this is not the case for the product you have selected, this will be pointed out to you so that you can change to a higher specification if required.

Will I have access to a toilet during installation?

While we install your new bathroom, we aim to leave you with at least one working toilet.  If this is not possible, we will give you a full 24 hours’ notice so that you can make alternative arrangements.

Will you install my bathroom I purchased elsewhere?

Unfortunately for us to provide the guarantee that we do on all of our works, we only install materials supplied from ourselves. When choosing your bathroom products, we will only use manufacturers that we trust and have a close relationship with, to ensure that you have peace of mind for years to come.

Do you only do expensive bathrooms?

Absolutely not – a common question we get when people visit our showroom is “Is this all expensive?” The immediate answer is no. We believe our showroom is one of the most beautiful in the North East, but that doesn’t come at a cost to the end user. We use our own design flair and attention to detail to put together some of the best combinations in all of our displays, usually using the same products you would find in many other reputable bathroom showrooms.

I already have a plumber, can I get a supply only quote off you?

Yes. We stock the majority of our products and can provide a next-day delivery on most items, call in to our showroom today or email your enquiry through and we will help you pick your bathroom out, along with a competitive quote that is comparable to any other reputable showroom or merchant.

Do you do discount?

Yes! Once we are the stage of preparing a quote for you, we will look at the overall price and look into passing a discount on to yourself. This can vary from product to product. We also have several special offers on at any time. 

What about price matching?

Whilst we believe our service level is of the highest standard and often worth more than the price difference between other quotes, we will always endeavor to beat any reputable like-for-like quotation from another merchant or showroom.



If your question hasn’t been answered here, or you want to expand on any of the questions asked above, please feel free to email us on info@voguebyignite.co.uk with any questions you have.